Retirement Today

with Michael D. Reese, CFP®


Retirement Today is a podcast for retirees and pre-retirees looking to gain knowledge during the fundamental shift in their lives when it comes to retirement. We believe that your best is yet to come and you deserve to get good information to make good retirement decisions. Michael Reese has been in the financial industry for over 20 years and it has become clear that the industry as a whole, firms particularly, are failing American families. Michael will share topics such as retirement, retirement income planning, reducing unnecessary taxes, protection from market risk, estate planning strategies, social security, long-term healthcare, medicare and more.

027: Why We Do What We Do

Why we do what we do.

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026: How To Choose An Advisor

How To Choose An Advisor

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025: How a 10% Tax Increase Leads To 70% More Tax

How a 10% Tax Increase Leads To 70% More Tax

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024: Three Levels of Investment Help

Three Levels of Investment Help

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023: The Five Risks

The Five Risks

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022: Goals Strategies Tools

Goals Strategies Tools

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