Episode 026

029: Vanguard Needs an Advisor

Vanguard Needs an Advisor

In this podcast you’ll learn:

Have you heard?

John Woerth, who leads Vanguard’s public relations and strategic communications division, and who also has LONG been a believer of “buy and hold” and “you can do it yourself” has now changed his tune.

What happened???

Well, apparently this guy is now 56 years old and is starting to have some doubts about his DIY (Do It Yourself) approach as his retirement is on the horizon.  He lists three reasons why he is now thinking it is time to get help from a financial advisor.  (

  1. To get a “gut check”.  Basically, he wants to make sure he isn’t missing out on retirement strategies.  Note:  What do you think…maybe some tax diversification strategies should be included?
  2. To manage complexity.  This is where he hits the nail on the head!  He admits that saving FOR retirement is FAR EASIER than protecting your savings and making your money last during retirement.  And making your money last through retirement is a different job that he feels a bit unprepared for.
  3. To protect his spouse.  This one is a biggie.  We see this all the time.  One spouse (usually the husband) is the household Chief Investment Officer.  But the other spouse just isn’t as plugged in to the investments, and they often don’t want to be.  Having an advisor protects you if health care issues arise, along with providing much needed help to a surviving spouse down the road. HUGE PEACE OF MIND.

Bottom line…saving FOR retirement is relatively easy.  Put money aside on a consistent basis, diversify, and let it ride.  But making your money last THROUGH retirement is not so easy.  That’s where advanced planning comes into play and a retirement specialist can be helpful.

Your best is yet to come!  So sit back, relax, and listen to Retirement Today to learn more about today’s topic.


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